Skincare Product Guides

What Is Your TOP Skincare Concern? We know you have questions and invite you to look for answers and the skincare protocol (a fancy word for product routine) here. Our founder and resident skincare expert, Chris Gibson offers advice in these product protocols for the most common skin types and problems. If you don't find what you need please by all means contact us for some expert skincare help!


Acne Prone Skin

Acne is no longer a problem confined to teenagers. This 4 letter word is now a part of life for 67% of adults over 30! Despite the focus on acne, the treatments haven't really evolved much since the early 1980s. The main reason to address acne at any age is the potential of scarring. Many of the products available are too drying for over the age of 30 skin.

Here are our Clear Revolution recommendations from Skincare Expert and Founder Chris Gibson. Add a steaming method to your routine. Apply a hot water wash cloth to the area for 20 minutes, reheating the cloth as necessary. Wait 5 minutes  before applying any skincare product.

We recommend Clear Revolution Famous Foaming Face Wash for daily cleansing and Luminous Encore Peptide Serum for any red marks left by acne breakouts.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is never fun to deal with. It can lead to a buildup of dead skin cells that can be hard to remove and actually lead to deep set pimples and breakouts. It also forms a layer of cells that inhibit your skincare products from reaching the living cells and working, no matter how much you pay for them. Removing this layer and moisturizing is the key. Avoiding products that contain petroleum and mineral oil is a must as these only seep into the dead skin cells making them a impenetrable wax like layer.

Our resident Skincare Expert and Founder Chris Gibson recommends and solid exfoliation routine with a weekly salt scrub or use of a facial exfoliating sponge like 3m brands Buf-Puf. Also, a good product like Alpha Hydrox that contains alpha and beta hydroxy (fruit acids) will help speed cellular turnover.  For moisturizer we recommend Standing Ovation Sage and Citrus Moisturizer and Spotlight Vitamin C Serum with concentrated Vitamin C.

Sun Damage, Fine Lines and Wrinkles

As the years fly by and add up, they also leave their signature on your skin. Living in southern and sunny climates, days roasting in the sun, cold dry winters, lack of sunscreen, nutrition, smoking, too many late nights out, and even genetics, all play a role in how your skin ages. Spots, hyperpigmentation, crepey skin, and fine lines and wrinkles can make you look many years older than you are.  The common approaches to reversing and reducing these signs of aging on the face, neck, and hands, rely mostly on skin rejuvenation techniques like a deep skin peel, laser treatments,and plastic surgery.

While these are all good options to pursue in the most extreme cases, there is much you can do right now through the new science of skincare.  In fact, even after you have any of these procedures, a targeted routine with an ultra effective product is a must to maintain and prolong results.  Chris Gibson, our Founder and resident Skincare Expert, has put together a targeted and ultra effective solution to renew and rejuvenate the skin without the use of Botox, fillers, and facelifts.   

For de-aging and anti-aging he recommends Clear Revolution Vanishing Act Line Filler, Spotlight Vitamin C Serum, Luminous Encore Peptide Serum, and Standing Ovation Sage and Citrus Moisturizer for completely reimagined and youthful skin. Many of our clients choose the Anti-Aging Bundle for this purpose and provide consistently pleased reviews on the results. He also recommends daily SPF 30 sun protection at all times. 

 Oily Skin

While aggravating to some who have it, your oily skin will be an asset as you go through life. The skins natural protection factors are omnipresent in those who produce extra oil. Contrary to popular belief, oily skin does NOT cause acne although it can attribute to breakouts where excess acne bacteria is present.

For oily skin, our resident Skincare Expert and Founder, Chris Gibson recommends blotting sheets and oil absorbing foundation for those with shine problems. He also recommends Clear Revolution Famous Foaming Face Wash for 2x daily cleansing and Standing Ovation Sage and Citrus Moisturizer for balancing the skins oil production while providing excellent all day moisture. 

Combination Skin

Many clients with combination skin find it exasperating to manage. Oily around the eyes and nose, while dry as the Sahara everywhere else. In these cases, a moisture balancing moisturizer and skin adjusting facial cleanser are the solution to balancing all this on the face and neck. Chris Gibson recommends Clear Revolution Famous Foaming Face Wash and Standing Ovation Sage and Citrus Moisturizer. You will also want to use the categories above for any other skin issues you may be having in addition to Combination Skin.

Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles 

 Dark circles, bags, and puffy hooded eyes can occur in people as early as their mid 20s. "Raccoon eyes" as the common term is used, can be treated by increasing circulation, improved sleep patterns, and products designed to address these specific areas of the face. Our resident Skincare Expert and Founder Chris Gibson has specially targeted these three problems with one product. Clear Revolution Magic Eyes Puffy Eye Gel will ace these issues with noticeable results the very first time you use it. It is one of our most popular products ever!