Our Mission

To inspire and educate people who are concerned with the health and beauty of their skin to make healthy choices for better living.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which people are free from the confines of the harsh chemically-based products that they've used in the past, so they can create a better environment for their skin to thrive in.

Where they are able to receive positive improvements on a daily basis and maintain those for their skin with exquisite, high-end products that are naturally-based, budget-friendly, and easily accessible to all. Where they prefer to constantly have blemish-free, healthy looking skin without the stress, fear, and worry of further damaging their skin.

If we are successful, hundreds of millions of people around the world will discover a viable and safer alternative to the status quo. They will wake up to the possibilities of a higher self-regard/self-esteem, and become empowered to live their best life possible.

They will be more confident and no longer be in a power struggle with their own skin. As a result, they will experience more success in all aspects of their life with a deeper level of presence and contentment.

"We envision a world in which every person who chooses to, may have the best version of themselves staring back in the mirror each day and live a life without any chronic skin problems. That is a life with beautiful skin the way nature intended it."

A Special Message From Our Founder, Chris Gibson

"I Just Got Tired Of Products That Didn't Work..."

These days, there are more skincare choices and promises than one could possibly sort through in a single lifetime. In fact, premium skin care products often come in packaging that costs more than the ingredients in them! The cost of a truly excellent product is quite excessive for most of us. I know, after all I wrote a best selling book on the subject.

I understand first hand how the look of our skin can make us feel about ourselves. As a teenager who went far into adulthood suffering with acne breakouts and scarring, even losing out on a career making job because of my skin condition, I know how hard it is to find any product that really affects change on the skin.

Today's chemical and volumizer laden products just don't deliver. Even those expensive department store and infomercial brands can't provide much actual product due to the expensive marketing programs behind them. 

From Severe Acne to Anti-Aging and turning the BIG 50!

I wanted Clear Revolution Skin Care to be different. In fact, this is not my first skin care rodeo. Like most of us, I have shopped with many skin care companies  including some very successful skin care lines, some I had even helped develop that really helped people. I have spent years on TV helping people get clear and radiant skin.

But when I hit 50, I myself had to turn to the marketplace to find products that would replace what I used and would meet my own standards. I was disappointed over and over again at the lack of scientifically viable ingredients that were naturally-based. The products just didn't work very well and ended up in the skin care "drawer of no return".

My focus had always been on problem and sensitive skin, but now I am older and my skin challenges and those of my clients have evolved. So, as I was encouraged to re-enter the skin care world, I made it an absolute promise that products would be reasonable in price, be safe to use, not tested on animals, botanically based, and most importantly, ultra effective! In other words, they would work.

This unique skin care line was personally designed to replace the harsh chemically-based products that are commonly used and found to contribute to a host of skin problems, from over-dryness to breakouts and even allergic reactions. From the moment of its availability to my first group of clients, Clear Revolution Skin Care has made an incredible and cost saving difference for everyone who uses it.

So natural and gentle, it also makes even other products work better than on their own. Botanical oil and glycerin based, it provides state of the art skin care that your skin (the largest organ of the body) needs to help it stay clear, healthy, and radiant. You will not be disappointed, I guarantee it's like nothing you've tried before!

So that is my and my team's promise to you... safe effective skin care for the future of your skin. After all, we use our own products too!


Chris Gibson
Skin Care Expert, Best Selling Author,
Influencer, & Licensed Esthetician
Featured On NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, The CW